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Hey there! I'm launching a Discord server for ct.js and Cosmic Everyday, and I invite you all to join it!

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Developing Cosmic Everyday Further

Shortly, I do will develop Cosmic Everyday.

I had mental/emotional issues of developing it further as the whole thing seemed as an inapproachable rock with long-term issues such as device sync, feature creep, and loosely combined modules. Now I have new powers to overcome it all ๐Ÿ’ช, and I have a new vision on what Cosmic Everyday will be like. My aim stays the same: helping everyone being productive while creating their stellar projects.

In details, I plan making Cosmic Everyday project-centric, with notebooks being the core components and a central hub for your project work. (Projects may mean everything, btw, even life itself is a process of constant improvement and development :D) Other modules will be tightly combined with notebooks, e.g. painter will attach images to cards directly, (I thought about making it as a separate tool with albums and stuff, but eventually all these drawings refer to some of your projects.) time-tracker and calendar will be right inside your notebooks when you need them.

So these are my thoughts based on a whole long year of constantly using this tool. These changes require serious DB changes, and after destroying almost everything in my dev branch I slowly but steadily build a better foundation. A better DB will lead for more constant and memory-efficient approach, and less error-prone code. Long story short, it will be version 1.0.0 :)

So go join our discord server, I will soon need your help and thoughts on design decisions :)

#beproductive #staycreative #becosmic

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