v0.6.1 — Smashing Linux bugs + Import/Export feature


  • Some error messages became more human-friendly, and notifications became more talkative.

New features

  • Importing and exporting your data is now available. Search for export tools in the Settings panel.

These allow you to pack your database in a file and later load it into another Cosmic Everyday copy. You can safely reimport the database to update your data – it won't generate duplicates or lose new changes.

Warning: this is an experimental feature and it must not be used with other people's databases. The developer is not liable for any possible damage to your data.

  • Now you can tell Cosmic Everyday to launch minimised. This option can be found in the Settings panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Kanbans: Tasks in new cards can be added again.
  • Kanbans: Imported wallpapers now work correctly on Linux/Mac.
  • Painter: Saved sketch now does load on Linux/Mac.


cosmic-everyday-linux-x64.zip 90 MB
Version 0.6.1 Sep 22, 2017
cosmic-everyday-linux-x86.zip 94 MB
Version 0.6.1 Sep 22, 2017
cosmic-everyday-mac-x64.zip 92 MB
Version 0.6.1 Sep 22, 2017
cosmic-everyday-win-x64.zip 90 MB
Version 0.6.1 Sep 22, 2017
cosmic-everyday-win-x86.zip 78 MB
Version 0.6.1 Sep 22, 2017

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