v0.6.3 — Bug fixes + Label editor

New translations

  • French translation from TeamNova. All hail TeamNova!


  • Links as attachments in card viewer now have a draggable link.
  • Added an exit button to the settings screen so users without tray (e.g. GNOME users) can close Cosmic Everyday.

New features

  • Label editor. You can find it inside settings of your notebooks. Add new labels, using a variety of icons and colors, edit or remove others.

Bug Fixes

  • Naughty errors on first launch and last notebook deletion were eliminated.
  • setup.sh for linux now works.
  • Time-tracker: 'My Day' view on the time-tracking panel now works.
  • Homepage: Editing 'Quick Tasks' widget's title now saves it without adding tasks too.

Btw idk why it is 0.6.3 but not 0.6.2 ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

* * * New updater metadata is still in progress of uploading. * * *
You might get false update notifications.


cosmic-everyday-linux-x64.zip 90 MB
Version 0.6.3 Jan 12, 2018
cosmic-everyday-linux-x86.zip 94 MB
Version 0.6.3 Jan 12, 2018
cosmic-everyday-mac-x64.zip 92 MB
Version 0.6.3 Jan 12, 2018
cosmic-everyday-win-x64.zip 90 MB
Version 0.6.3 Jan 12, 2018
cosmic-everyday-win-x86.zip 78 MB
Version 0.6.3 Jan 12, 2018

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Did that discord server ever happen, if so how do I find it?

Yes, it did, and it is here: https://discord.gg/CggbPkb

Hey guys 'n gals, what do you think about creating a Discord server for CE?

Sounds good!