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Do you have tons of publicly available projects that turn your profile page into a mess? At the moment of writing, I have 23 32 itch.io projects: assets, tools, and games, of course! But they can be organized neatly, as seen on my profile page.

This free collection of guides will help you create a better creator page. We will create categories, sidebars, and better navigation. All this will make your page more appealing and your users happy, as they will more likely find the projects they are looking for.

The collection mainly suits those that have over a dozen projects or projects of a completely different type.

You can complete these chapters without CSS or HTML knowledge. Several of them have additional CSS code that further improves your page. Knowing CSS and HTML languages and having access to CSS editor will help you customize your page even more. If you haven't done it yet, you can contact itch.io support so that they enable CSS editor for you.

The guides

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I dont have very many projects right now but still, thank you very much! I was looking for something comprehensive like this.


this is amazing. now i can put my zines into categories. thanx yew 💜


Oh, this is lovely. Thank you 💗


thank you for your excellent guide!


Wow, what a catalogue you have! I’m glad my guide was helpful for you!


Wait for this!