A downloadable game editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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ct.js is a new game editor (desktop app) based on web technologies, currently in active development. Our aim is to make it a simple game-making tool, accessible for both newbies and experienced game developers.

Meet ct.js Next — the Alpha Channel of ct

This separate channel allows you to check out all the piping hot features coming out to ct.js. Current Next release, v1.0.0-next-2, introduces ultra-fast WebGL renderer, recovery feature, skeletal animations, complex collision shapes, bug fixes and a bunch of improvements.



Easy to learn and use

ct.js is designed to be used for learning and teaching programming. It is accessible and ready-to-use for both newbies and pros.

Highly extensible library

ct.js's core is small but powerful, and its modules can add you more abilities and higher-level functions.

Runs on PC, Mac, Linux

That's it. We support them all. One tool for everyone in your team, in any office or garage.

Games that run everywhere

Games created with ct.js run in any modern browser, including mobile ones, and can also be packed to executables for all the major desktop platforms!

Made with ct.js

There is more!

Partner — Mini Jam

Mini Jam is an open recurring game jam that is held every two weeks on itch.io. Join their Discord server or visit their official site!


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ct-win64-next.zip (alpha channel) 126 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2
ct-win32-next.zip (alpha channel) 123 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2
ct-linux64-next.zip (alpha channel) 125 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2
ct-linux32-next.zip (alpha channel) 128 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2
ct-osx64-next.zip (alpha channel) 130 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2
ct-win64.zip (stable) 125 MB
Version 0.5.3
ct-win32.zip (stable) 122 MB
Version 0.5.3
ct-linux64.zip (stable) 124 MB
Version 0.5.3
ct-linux32.zip (stable) 127 MB
Version 0.5.3
ct-osx64.zip (stable) 129 MB
Version 0.5.3

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