An unknown disease spread to nearby islands. Your crew with city's only medic took a campaign to stop this illness and save the colony.


Left mouse button
W, S or Up and Down arrows
Move back and forth
A, D or left and Right arrows
SpaceLand / raise anchor

Created for Mini Jam 12

A game by Comigo and Kenny

Made with ct.js game editor

Music by Whatfunk

BitPotion font by Joeb Rogers

Magofont2 by Magodev


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cool, not the game the website


Is that my font I spy? Always cool to see projects that use it. Neat little experience, I had a fun time just cruising around the environment. If I were to offer a little criticism though, it'd be that a little tweaking of the sound design could be in order, in comparison to everything else the wave sound is quite jarring.


OMG I forgot to credit font designers! Indeed it is your BitPotion. Thank you for this lovely font!

Regarding the sounds, I thought that the wave sounds were the most successful and life-like :|


No problem! Glad you enjoy it.

Oh certainly, I'm not saying the sound itself isn't great - just that the overall mixing of the sound design is a little off. The general volume could use some levelling to keep things a bit more consistent (the wave sound is much louder than the rest). Not a large issue by any means, just something I thought worth pointing out!