Papers on Demand lets designers, artists, draftsmen design the right paper for their drawing needs. You can set grid and margins, and choose between numerous grid types: hexagonal, polka grids, isometric, pseudo-isometric with 1:2 ratio, as well as regular square grids.

The cell size indicates the length of a figure's side. With pseudo-isometry, the cell size indicates the length of a rhombus' vertical diagonal.

Pseudo- and real isometry

If you want pixel-art, pick pseudo-isometry.

Pseudo-isometry differs from usual isometry. The first one uses a grid size so that horizontal lines go two pixels to the side and one upwards and downwards. These are used in pixel art and in game design. The second is the real isometric grid, in which the angle between all axes (X, Y, Z) is 120 °. It is used in drafting and architecture.

Done sketching? I have tools for coloring and splitting sprites as well:

More noteworthy tools by me:

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Awesome tool! Thank you for making it.

Holy crap I never would have thought I needed this until seeing it, and now I'm amazed I've lived without it.

This is a tool I never thought I would want, but turns outs its a necessity

tysm for this!! is such a life saver

this is pretty awesome! thanks

This is life-saving!!! I'd have spent countless hours manually creating mine and it'd still not be this perfect!

Thank you, this is very helpful

This is cool!

This is nice! 😄