JSONBabel is a tool for translating *.json language files. It is used in production by ct.js game editor and superpowered organizer Cosmic Everyday.

This tool requires a modern browser to run. If you face any issues, try using a fresh copy of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Press a fullscreen button at the bottom-right corner of the app to expand the window, or press RMB on the app — This frame — Show only this frame.


  • user-friendly and ready to use by translators, developers and your casual users;
  • works with both flat and structured JSON files;
  • has a filter to only view untranslated keys;
  • can add new string, object and array fields;
  • exports all files in a zip or individual files on demand;
  • can create new files right in the app;
  • supports comments to your translations by adding a special Comments.json file;
  • autosaves projects to your browser;
  • available anywhere, anytime; works on all modern browsers.

Desktop editors coming SOON

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