JSONBabel is a tool for translating *.json language files. It is used in production by ct.js game editor and superpowered organizer Cosmic Everyday.

This tool requires a modern browser to run. If you face any issues, try using a fresh copy of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Press a fullscreen button at the bottom-right corner of the app to expand the window, or press RMB on the app — This frame — Show only this frame.


  • user-friendly and ready to use by translators, developers and your casual users;
  • works with both flat and structured JSON files;
  • has a filter to only view untranslated keys;
  • can add new string, object and array fields;
  • exports all files in a zip or individual files on demand;
  • can create new files right in the app;
  • supports comments to your translations by adding a special Comments.json file;
  • autosaves projects to your browser;
  • available anywhere, anytime; works on all modern browsers.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorCosmo Myzrail Gorynych
Tagsi18n, internationalization, json, localization, tool, translate
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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Hello, This tool still working? I'm trying to translate from English to Spanish, but it doesn't work. Any instructión?

This tool works perfectly till this day. As it turned out in Discord server, the user wanted automatic translations. And no, free automatic translations are not a thing.

JSONBabel is made for authored translations.


Can I ask, How the app recognize a comment file from an another-language file?
Anyway, seems really great :D


Comments are implemented in the way that they are technically another regular language files, with different styling in the UI. This is mainly due to JSON standard not having comments at all. Only files named exactly as `Comments.json` are shown this way, and, to be viewed, they should be imported along with other languages.

I hope I did answer your question (:

Yes, thank you :D

So it's by the name of the file, got it.