Ct.js goes open-source! 🐙

Another kitty appears on the horizon... And it's GitHub!

TL;DR: https://github.com/ct-js/ct-js

At this week, ct.js is released under MIT license, meaning that it is now an open-source software! 

As the project evolves, it becomes clear that more people need to participate in its development process to grow stronger: to get new features, fix bugs promptly, provide more starting content and, of course, to write better docs.

Being open-source also grants guarantees for both developers and users. As ct.js releases under MIT, it is ensured that no piece of ct.js will be behind a paywall, and that's really important for indies and educational institutions. And, well, gamedev by itself isn't the most sturdy industry to work in, so having a tool you can always fallback to is a good thing.

The mission of ct.js remains the same: to make learning fun and gamedev easy, and you can join me in this journey. See the labels help wanted and good first issue for getting started. I'm also looking for maintainers that will help manage ct.js when I'm busy at my work.

Going open-source is still a WIP and instructions may be missing something, so please report any issues to https://github.com/ct-js/ct-js/issues.

⭐ Another little way to help ct.js: Leave a star at ct.js repo so it gets traction from the open-source community at github.

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Great work, looking forward to seeing where things go.

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I'll make sure they go to a bright future, full of happy developers and good games *:・゚✧


Хорошая новость! Это может дать хороший скачок в популярности Котэ.

Может быть 👀 Поживём — увидим, но я настроен оптимистично!