v3.2.0 — Support for CoffeeScript, a simple, easy to write language that can do everything JavaScript does!

Ct.js v3.2.0 is out! 🎉

This version brings support for CoffeeScript, a simple, easy to write language that can do everything JavaScript does!

The core of this update is support for CoffeeScript, a new language you can use in your ct.js projects! As JavaScript can be a hard thing to learn, especially for younger coders or those that used visual languages before, I decided to add CoffeeScript as an alternative. It comes with all the examples in the documentation, autocompletion support, and a new cheatsheet set adapted for this language.

I think the cheatsheets themselves are a good example of how specifically CoffeeScript is different to JavaScript: https://comigo.itch.io/ct-cheat-sheet

Syntax errors and problems with assets will now have more friendly export error messages that don’t hide away in seconds. They will explain the problem in a human-friendly way and have buttons to jump to the problematic assets.

Other improvements include the rework of texture editor’s layout and other UI polish all over the editor.

Thanks to our newest patron — Penny Gautreaux, and Dmitry Yeliseev for his one-time donation!


✨ New Features

  • Add a small button to collapse template’s properties panel. Useful for presentations.
  • Add an option to room settings to automatically follow a copy of a given template
  • Catmod for integration with Game Distribution, an ad service (#394 by @UlisesFreitas)
  • Support for CoffeeScript! Choose your preferred language when creating a new project 💪

⚡️ General Improvements

  • 🌐 Update Turkish translation, made by Sarpmanon from our Discord server!
  • Add aliases this.moveSmart and this.moveBullet for this.moveContinuousByAxes and this.moveContinuous correspondingly (these come from the ct.place module)
  • Add documentation links to the content editor’s panels
  • Add hotkey hints to undo/redo buttons in the room editor
  • Do not show table headers for copies’ custom properties when no properties exist
  • Force background on the notepad panel’s “expand” button; useful on dark themes with which it can blend with backgrounds
  • Make addresses in the QR code panel selectable (debugger’s toolbar)
  • Prevent nw.js SDK menu from popping up when ct.js is packaged
  • Relayout code editors when switching tabs. Prevents code editors from disappearing after zooming or switching template coding layouts
  • Rework texture editor’s layout
  • Show theme colors in the app settings -> theme menu
  • Update textbox tutorial for v3 and add the missing step (#396 by @firecakes)
  • Warn users that they need to add a tile layer when they try to add tiles into a room that doesn’t have any layers

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • 🍱 Update 2DPhysics example
  • Don’t attempt to focus items in a context menus if there are no such
  • Fix an ugly splash screen for the DungeonCrawler demo project
  • Fix broken sound recorder
  • Fix scrollbars sometimes appearing in the room editor
  • Fix templates not being properly cleaned up if they are in a currently opened room
  • Fix texture offset being applied to the texture preview window
  • Fix wrong click location on a tile picker
  • Ignore clicks on the “Run” button if a project is already being compiled. Should remove most of the headache with Window’s EPERM issues
  • Initialize timers for rooms
  • Outline currently selected template in the room editor’s template browser
  • Room’s background color input must not have an alpha input
  • Set default values for room’s camera restrictions
  • Update respective asset viewers when they are changed or created. Fixes outdated template list in the room editor when you’ve created or modified a template while a room editor is open.

🍱 Demos, Dependencies and Stuff

  • Update bundled assets
  • Pull the latest gallery assets

📝 Docs

  • 🐛 Multiply horizontal x-change with delta when robot travels on platform (#102 by @godmar)
  • ✨ Translate jsintro_pt1.md to Russian (#100 by @progzone122)
  • ⚡️ Create ru/jsintro_pt2.md and fix ru/readme.md (#101 by @progzone122)

🌐 Website

  • 📝 Update changelog
  • ⚡️ Add a big Discord badge to the downloads page
  • ⚡️ Add a button for ARM builds for mac

Ct.js is a free and open-source game engine supported by you. Consider supporting us on Patreon or contributing to the project directly by adding new features, improvements, and bugfixes to our repository.

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ct.js for Windows x64 312 MB
Version 3.2.0 Dec 25, 2022
ct.js for Windows x86 305 MB
Version 3.2.0 Dec 25, 2022
ct.js for Linux x64 324 MB
Version 3.2.0 Dec 25, 2022
ct.js for Linux x32 331 MB
Version 3.2.0 Dec 25, 2022
ct.js for OSX x64 309 MB
Version 3.2.0 Dec 25, 2022
ct.js for OSX ARM (v3.3.0 only!) 322 MB
Version 3.2.0 Dec 25, 2022

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