ct.js v1.0.0-next-3 — Actions system, Russian docs, and tons of fixes and tweaks

Here comes another update! It brings a new Actions system, which unifies different input methods into one convenient API, brings documentation translations for Russian community, and tons of edits and improvements in docs, ct.IDE and its UI. It also fixes the issue with jagged camera movement in "Welcome to the VOID" game, and others that use automatic camera alignment.

Edit: issues with missing legacy versions and dropbox uploads are now fixed.

The road to ct.js v1.0 is a long path, and more tweaks and architectural changes await. Join our discord to follow development news and find other gamedevs.

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✨ New Features

  • Introduce Actions — a new unified system for any input methods

⚡ General Improvements

  • Add a pool for killed copies to limit garbage collection calls
  • Remove non-existent modules from a project, if there are such

🍱 Demos and Modules

  • Add keyboard.polyfill for IE and old browsers. Enable it by default in new projects
  • Update demos and tutorials

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Bundle scripts of catmods on one level with ct.js (this solves issues with itch.io and GameJolt games)
  • Clarify a cryptic error that appears if one provides a non-existing type name to ct.types.copy
  • Clear input value to be able to reselect the same font
  • Display a catmod's license on the "Info" tab
  • Fix a font not showing up after being renamed
  • Fix an issue when you can't import the same texture twice in a row
  • Fix ct.mouse.down not working
  • Fix ct.room.followDrift overshooting on low values and low FPS
  • Fix ct.touch that used ct.width and ct.height instead of ct.viewWidth and ct.viewHeight, resulting in incorrect coordinates on some scaling methods
  • Fix ct.u.ext not returning the extended object
  • Fix flawed this.xprev, this.yprev handling in ct as it is and in ct.place
  • Fix UI problems of font deletion
  • Fix importing font on Windows
  • Fix mouse coordinates not updating on view shift (in-game)
  • Fix non-working "Open" options in context menus for rooms, sounds and textures
  • Fix wrong calculation of rotated rects in ct.place, that turned rectangles into points
  • Prevent unwanted name change when importing a sound
  • Remove this.updateList(); call that caused a UI update error after deleting a font
  • Update ace.js autocomplete list
  • Update graphics, sounds, rooms panels after opening a project from a hamburger menu
  • Update shape and anchor of a copy while changing a texture
  • Update the type picker in the room editor after deleting a type
  • Refresh the preview immediately when activating fill and selecting diffuse in a style

💄 UI Improvements

  • 🎨 Rename "graphic assets" into "Textures"
  • Add a zoom control to graphics editor
  • Add an icon in the module info that shows that a module provides additional input methods

📝 Docs & Tutorials

  • Add an example to ct.inputs.addAction
  • Document actions and ct.inputs
  • Document ct.sound.playing
  • Document ct.vkeys
  • Document the way of adding new input methods with catmods
  • Fix ct.keyboard.clear(); docs
  • Provide docs for the new ct.mouse
  • Rename "Graphic assets" into "Textures"
  • Tons of minor fixes in tut-making-platformer
  • Update Platformer_tutorial
  • Update Space Shooter tutorial
  • ⚡️ Add a link to ct.u that shows a difference between a shallow and a deep copy
  • ⚡️ Clarify ct.u.unlerp
  • ⚡️ Minor fixes and clarifications at Making Space Shooter tutorial
  • ⬆️ Update vuepress to 1.0@next
  • 🌐 Add ct.md for Ru locale
  • 🌐 Add readme.md and tut-making-platformer fot RU locale
  • 🌐 Translate "Making Space Shooter" tutorial to Russian
  • 🌐 Translate catmoddocs.md to Ru
  • 🌐 Translate ct.inputs.md to Ru locale
  • 🌐 Translate ct.res.md to Ru locale
  • 🌐 Translate ct.rooms.md to Ru locale
  • 🌐 Translate ct.sound.md to Ru locale
  • 🌐 Translate ct.styles.md to Ru locale
  • 🌐 Translate ct.types.md to Ru locale
  • 🌐 Translate ct.u.md to Ru locale
  • 🐛 Move a note about event sequence and this.kill to the right place at ct.types.md
  • 🐛 Update ct.md to reflect v1.0
  • 🐛 Update ct.res.md
  • 🐛 Update description of ct.rooms.switch
  • 💥 Remove ct.mouse. Document the change in the migration guide.

👽 Misc

  • ⌛ Provide docs for ct.mouse.legacy
  • ⌛ Add a legacy version of ct.keyboard
  • ⌛ Connect legacy versions of ct.keyboard and ct.mouse to older projects
  • ✏ A typo in autocompletion: ct.types.addSpeed has (copy, speed, dir) parameters
  • 🍎 Add long-press menus for Mac


ct.js for Windows x64 296 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-3 Mar 31, 2019
ct.js for Windows x86 290 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-3 Mar 31, 2019
ct.js for Linux x64 308 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-3 Mar 31, 2019
ct.js for Linux x32 316 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-3 Mar 31, 2019
ct.js for OSX x64 299 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-3 Mar 31, 2019

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