ct.js v1.0.0-next-2 — Skeletal Animations, Better Room Editor, Complex Collision Shapes, and More!

Hey there! The Next channel got a new update.
This update brings a ton of various improvements, as well as new and shiny features!

Skeletal animations with DragonBones

DragonBones is a free app that allows you to create 2D skeletal animations, providing smooth movements and rich variety of actions with low memory or storage consumption. Get the app and read our docs on how to use skeletal animations in your project. Ct.js supports sound events in animations, too.

Multiple copy selection in the room editor

Complex collision shapes

Add more precision to your games with polygon shapes and support for rotation and scaling.

Smooth camera

Rooms got additional parameters for controlling camera's feel while following copies. You can add an additional displacement and make a smooth movement in 2-3 lines of code. See our updated docs on how to do it.

There is more! See the changelog below for details.


✨ New Features

  • Add ct.room.followShiftY, ct.room.followShiftX
  • Add a ct.place.moveAlong method that allows for continuous movement in a given direction.
  • Add horizontally and non-repeating backgrounds to rooms
  • Add support for complex collision shapes
  • Add support for DragonBones skeletal animation
  • Catmods: add a 'radio' input type
  • Catmods: define additional fields in the type editor
  • ct.place: Add this.moveContinuous to all copies
  • Multiple copy editing in room editor
  • Repeat-x, repeat-y and no-repeat options for backgrounds

⚡ General Improvements

  • Add a multiple flag to ct.place.occupied, ct.place.meet that allows to get all the copies that participated in collision.
  • 💄 (x,y) position of the mouse in the room editor.
  • 💄 Add an HTML/CSS preloader to exported games
  • 💄 Add "Recent Projects" to the hamburger menu
  • 💄 Add an ability to forget projects in the "Recent Projects" list
  • Add ct.place, ct.fittoscreen, ct.keyboard, ct.sound.howler and ct.akatemplate by default to all the new projects
  • Add ct.sound.exists method
  • Add support for sound events in DragonBones skeletons
  • Allow to set an empty sprite to a copy by changing this.graph = -1;
  • ct.place: add a ctype input to type editors
  • Introduce ct.viewWidth, ct.viewHeight.
  • Make backgrounds resilient to missing extends
  • Remember window position on load (ct.IDE)
  • Update ct.place
  • Update fittoscreen to v2.0: add more scaling methods for fine quality at a wide variety of resolutions
  • ⬆ Update Pixi.js to v4.8.5

💄 UI Improvements

  • ⚡ Autofocus code editors on tab change
  • ⚡ Make text and code in module panel selectable
  • Add nifty sounds to notifications
  • Crop long paths to recent projects on the left side
  • Show a message about where the project and the exported version were zipped, because some systems (e.g. Windows 10) don't show the files in file managers

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • 💄 Add a "cancel" button while selecting a tileset
  • Fix desktop exporter not picking the first room as the starting one if no room was marked as such
  • Fix exporter for desktop platforms
  • Fix parallax + non-repeat background behaviour
  • Fix project loader not loading the most old ct.js projects
  • Fix unwanted interpolation on stretched sprites if "Disable image smoothing..." is checked
  • Remove autosave errors in dev console that appeared while no project was loaded

🍱 Demos and Stuff

  • Update catformer demo to v1.0.0-next-2
  • Update demos and examples

📝 Docs

  • Add a deprecation notice to ct.place.legacy
  • Add a notice about dragonBones animation events
  • Add tips & tricks for effective viewport management
  • Document new catmods' capabilities
  • Document the import process and usage of skeletal animations
  • Document this.moveContinuous at ct.place readme
  • Finish JS Intro, pt 2
  • Fix flipped directions in a tip at https://docs.ctjs.rocks/tut-making-shooter.html#moving-hostiles-and-asteroids
  • Rename ct.place.go attribute speed to length
  • Update tutorials to v1.0.0-next-2

📄 License

  • Add a ct.js version with website link to console output
  • Add SSCD license
  • Adding a Pixi.js license (3rd-party)
  • Formatting license, adding a Termination section
  • License: Add DragonBonesJS license (3rdparty)

👽 Misc

  • 🌐 Add a link for crowd-sourced translations
  • 🌐 Add a partial French translations by Vactro
  • ⁉ Add ./ to all resource paths to load, because itch.io
  • 💩 Bump ct.keyboard version to v2.0.0, because it should have beeen bumped before.
  • 🔥 Remove ffmpeg-node for now
  • 🔥 Remove vkontakte link in the starting screen, because I no longer use vkontakte
  • 🚚 Rename old place module to place.legacy


ct-win64-next.zip (alpha channel) 126 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2 Jan 27, 2019
ct-win32-next.zip (alpha channel) 123 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2 Jan 27, 2019
ct-linux64-next.zip (alpha channel) 125 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2 Jan 27, 2019
ct-linux32-next.zip (alpha channel) 128 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2 Jan 27, 2019
ct-osx64-next.zip (alpha channel) 130 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-2 Jan 27, 2019

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