ct.js v1.0 Next — New Alpha Channel Comes with WebGL support!

The first ever alpha version of ct.js v1.0.0 is out! You can get it now on itch.io. It introduces the new WebGL-based renderer, that gives your projects a significant speed boost and opens an avenue towards more complex and fascinating visual tools, like particles, 9-patch rendering, skeletal animations, tinting, and more! The 1.0 version also includes additional tools for backgrounds, including making of parallax effects.

What is "ct.js Next"?

There is a lot of features that I planned adding to v1.0.0, but with ct.js Next you can still check out new renderer and a bunch of other stuff now!

ct.js Next is an apha channel where I will release preview versions and experimental stuff. It will exist along with the default release channel, and you will be able to switch back and forth at any moment. For itch app users, it is recommended that you download a zip archive from itch site, as there is no easy way to switch channels in-app without destruction.

Also, if you already have an ongoing project in ct.js, consider staying on v0.5.2, or at least if your game heavily relies on custom drawing and HTMLCanvas API. Drawing is completely different in ct.js v1.0.


✨ New Features

  • ⚡ WebGL Renderer
  • ⚡ Ctrl+S and autosave/recovery feature
  • ⚡ Additional fields for backgrounds: movement, shifting, parallax and scaling

💄 UI Improvements

  • ⚡ Show axis in graph editor
  • ⚡ Make graphic selection in type and room editors for backgrounds cancellable

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix memory leak when updating room with opened backgrounds tab
  • Fix memory leak on room switch in ct.place
  • Fix color pickers not returing their intermediate values to editors

🍱 Demos and Stuff

  • Update example projects to v1.0-next-1

🔥 Removed

  • Remove ct.draw.patch, ct.canvas

📝 Docs

  • Add a migration guide
  • Add a note about tearing backgrounds when they are not marked as "Tiled"
  • Update Space Shooter tutorial
  • Update Platformer tutorial
  • 💥 Write docs for new ct.styles

📄 License

  • Add nw-builder license notice (3rd party)

👽 Misc

  • ✏️ Add 'A' to the font editor
  • ✏️ Fixing minor issues in Russian localization file
  • 💥 Changing ct.styles API to work with Pixi.js
  • 💥 Repurpose styles editor to making pixi's TextStyle


ct-win64-next.zip (alpha channel) 126 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-1 Dec 01, 2018
ct-win32-next.zip (alpha channel) 123 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-1 Dec 01, 2018
ct-linux64-next.zip (alpha channel) 125 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-1 Dec 01, 2018
ct-linux32-next.zip (alpha channel) 128 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-1 Dec 01, 2018
ct-osx64-next.zip (alpha channel) 130 MB
Version 1.0.0-next-1 Dec 01, 2018

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