Ct.js v3.0.1 is out! πŸŽ‰

Bug fixes for v3.0 and more translations by community!

This patch fixes several bugs found in version 3.0: it fixes black screen on project reload, hotkey problems in the room editor, game crashes when ct.place performs a check against squished circles, and also improves how the room editor handles values with fractional numbers.

Our community also prepared several new translations!

  • rtauziac updated French translation for ct.js;
  • taxi13245 updated Japanese translation for ct.js;
  • omartek continues to translate ct.js documentation, adding the whole β€œWorking with the editor” section to the Italian translation! They also updated Using Skeletal Animations in the English docs.

Translations make learning more accessible β€” they are incredibly important for beginners! I’m very happy to see improvements in three languages at once in such a short period of time!

Not everyone helps with code and translations. Shout out to myOmochi Games, our first patron at Boosty! πŸŽ‰ They now fund a steady supply of white chocolate that will surely help with ct.js development! (jk)


⚑️ General Improvements

  • 🌐 Update French translation (#366 by @rtauziac)
  • 🌐 Update Japanese translation (#367 by @taxi13245)
  • Drop precision on position and scale of objects in the room editor. Reasonably rounds their values to more logical numbers.

πŸ› Bug Fixes

  • Add support for template and texture arrays to the Context subsystem
  • Escape single quotes while stringifying certain properties. This allows, among other things, use of ’ in custom properties (room editor) and template names
  • Fix ct.place crashing game if a collision check is made on a disproportionately squished circle
  • Room editor shortcuts must work only if the Rooms tab is active

🍱 Demos, Dependencies and Stuff

  • Update nw.js to v0.67.1

πŸ“ Docs

  • ⚑️ Fix old terminology in skeletal-animation.md (by @omartek)
  • Italian translation for the working-with-editor section (by @omartek)

🌐 Website

  • πŸ› Fix img tag appearing in games’ descriptions on the Made With page
  • πŸ› Remove .DS_Store
  • ✏️ Update changelog
  • ⚑️ Add a working version of web installer for windows
  • ⚑️ Italian documentation translation is now public; add a proper link in the header!
  • ⚑️ Temporarily replace web installer for windows with zip archives
  • ⚑️ Update italian translation (@omartek)

πŸ€– Misc

  • πŸ”₯ Remove now useless twoPi var in ct.place

Ct.js is a free and open-source game engine supported by you. Consider supporting us on Patreon or contributing to the project directly by adding new features, improvements, and bugfixes to our repository.

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ct.js for Windows x64 362 MB
Version 3.0.1 Sep 12, 2022
ct.js for Windows x86 356 MB
Version 3.0.1 Sep 12, 2022
ct.js for Linux x64 375 MB
Version 3.0.1 Sep 12, 2022
ct.js for Linux x32 382 MB
Version 3.0.1 Sep 12, 2022
ct.js for OSX x64 361 MB
Version 3.0.1 Sep 12, 2022

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