Ct.js v3 — new room editor & events framework!

✨ New Features

  • Add a tour-guide tag for making tours in ct.IDE. Add an overview guide to the app-menu. Also simplifies the code of app-menu navigation a bit.
  • Add ct.rooms.restart() method
  • Events framework — more vanilla events and ability to add modded ones! Closes #215
  • New rooms editor! Closes #39, #76, #269
  • New & Updated Themes (Nord & Rosé Pine) (#344 by @EhanAhamed)
  • Pride mode with a colorful navigation
  • Support for blank textures (#362 by @markmehere)
  • 🍱 Add a vgui catmod by Firecakes (Textbox component)
  • 🍱 Desktop features Catmod: New Features & Rewrite of Previous Features (#354 by @EhanAhamed)

⚡️ General Improvements

  • 🌐 Update Russian translation
  • 🌐 Update Dutch translation, translated by GambleBranch from Discord server!
  • 🌐 Update Debug translation
  • 🌐 Ukrainian translation by @progzone122
  • 🍱 Update ct.matter; you can now design gameplay logic with events in the template editor. Also brings an update to the 2DPhysics example
  • Add Boosty link to the starting screen; change “Donate” url to boosty page
  • Add explanations to ct.js license in the license panel (with suggestions by Shiba). Closes #345
  • Add sanity checks for the texture editor. Closes #361
  • Backgrounds’ parallax effect now behaves more natural when zooming in/out
  • Re-capture window focus on game’s mouseover in ct.pointer
  • Remove event listeners on ct.fittoscreen.toggleFullscreen. It is now supposed to be run in new pointer events
  • Replace gulp-typescript with @ct.js/gulp-typescript. Allows building ct.js on Node.js v18+
  • Simplify memocats by using built-in pointer event (#360 with @omartek)
  • Support for Meta key for Mac as an alternative to Control key during room editor’s deleteX interactions
  • Visually dim deprecated catmods

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • 🌐 Fix Russian “export for web” translation
  • Big texture support, above 2k by 2k (#358 by @markmehere)
  • Change the “Create a template from it” for skeletal animations so it actually works
  • ct.res must wait for skeletal animations to finish loading before starting the game
  • Fix array editors writing nothing when working with assets
  • Fix broken license panel
  • Fix ct.delta behaving incorrectly if ct.speed is changed (It is actually a band-aid over pixi.js’ issue, buuut oh well)
  • Fix ct.emitter.follow rotating around a copy at a wrong angle
  • Fix ct.inherit’s regression from v1. Closes #337
  • Fix ct.light using changed ct.templates.exists inappropriately
  • Fix event list being shared on newly created templates
  • Fix examples and templates not showing when ctjs is run outside of your home directory (#357 by @leedigital)
  • Fix freshly-created textures crashing the room editor
  • Fix inability to select a preview texture in emitter tandem editor
  • Fix node context missing in ct.js debugger. Makes Node.js and ct.fs work again.
  • Fix unusable modal window on Linux systems during project creation (#351 by @leedigital)
  • Fix the alert about improper web build usage that was popping up in Electron builds
  • Remove a reference to a non-existent sourcemap from ct.filters denendency
  • Tiny visual fix for collapsible input groups in the template editor
  • Truncate long names in resource cards. Closes #353
  • Update Comigo (what?)
  • Update coordinates of primary pointer in gameplay coordinates if a user doesn’t move the pointer
  • ct.matter: fix physics breaking when additional rooms are appended to the current one

🍱 Demos, Dependencies and Stuff

  • Update Space Shooter example project
  • Pull the latest docs
  • Update 2DPhysics example with a restart button and ct.pointer in place of ct.mouse
  • Update asset gallery contents
  • Update Catformer example
  • Update various demos and templates
  • Update JettyCat example
  • Update memocats example
  • Update Platformer example

📝 Docs

  • 👏 Pt-BR documentation translation (100% translated!) (https://github.com/ct-js/docs.ctjs.rocks/pull/75 by @leedigital)
  • 🐛 Fix “Propose edits” link
  • 🐛 Fix pre-v1 direction value at the JettyCat tutorial
  • 🐛 JettyCat fixes (https://github.com/ct-js/docs.ctjs.rocks/pull/81 by @omartek)
  • ⚡️ Minor edits and fixes for localStorage page. Add a missing comma and a couple of comments
  • ⚡️ Update all tutorials. ALL HAIL FIRECAKES!
  • Content Subsystem Docs: Fixed Grammar Errors
  • Corrected Grammar in Basic Concepts Docs
  • Fixed Incorrect Grammar ct.inputs Documentation
  • Room Class Docs: Fixed Minor Grammar Errors
  • Updated ct.styles Documentation

🌐 Website

  • 👏 Italian site translation (https://github.com/ct-js/ct-js-site/pull/27 by @omartek)
  • ⚡️ Add a link to ct.js cheat-sheet to the “what’s next” section, put a little heart in place of the list counter to the patreon section
  • ⚡️ Add a link to web installer for Linux
  • ⚡️ Replace patreon links with boosty ._.
  • ⚡️ Update Downloads page. Add a Windows web installer

🌻 Misc

  • 🔥 Remove property thumbnail from the rooms objects in project data
  • 💩 Fix npm ci problems


ct.js for Windows x64 312 MB
Version 3.0.0 Sep 09, 2022
ct.js for Windows x86 305 MB
Version 3.0.0 Sep 09, 2022
ct.js for Linux x64 324 MB
Version 3.0.0 Sep 09, 2022
ct.js for Linux x32 331 MB
Version 3.0.0 Sep 09, 2022
ct.js for OSX x64 309 MB
Version 3.0.0 Sep 09, 2022

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