v1.6.0 — Modules for FX, Multiplayer, and 2D physics, and sprinkles of minor improvements

✨ New Features

  • Add ct.filters module by SN from our Discord server. The module allows creating special visual effects with filters or custom shaders, applied to your copies or a whole viewport
  • Add ct.light module for adding ambient lighting and textured lights
  • Add ct.matter module for 2D physics. See the new example!
  • Bundle ct.nakama module by @alexandargyurov — you can now create online games with ct.js!
  • Group modded fields into collapsible sections with a new field type
  • Nano ID catmod of the same-named tiny library by Andrei Sitnik
  • Optionally make a camera stay inside a specific rectangle with new rooms’ settings.

⚡️ General Improvements

  • 🍱 Update Electron used in desktop builds to v11.1.1
  • Allow Background class to accept a pixi.js texture
  • Modify emitter tandems to use PIXI.ParticleContainer. Provides better performance, and also fixes issue with un-tintable emitters.
  • Renovate ct.desktop -> quit method
  • Select only the needed Nw.js version for debugging

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Allow resetting values in type and texture inputs at modded fields
  • Fix “}” at the end of some texture files’ names
  • Fix bitmap font’s XML (“kerings” typo”)
  • Fix broken context menu entry for textures to create a type from them
  • Fix crashes of the built-in debugger; disable nw and node in the devtools
  • Fix ct.place.meet returning duplicated references to copies if querying for multiple obstacles
  • Fix icons for nightly and regular releases
  • Fix Point2D initialization for modded fields
  • In rooms’ copy spawning code, check for scaling extensions separately
  • Remove the old main-menu tag

🍱 Demos, Dependencies and Stuff

  • Update nw.js to v0.51.1

📝 Docs

  • Add “Dragging Copies Around” tutorial by @qewer33
  • 🐛 Add missing methods ct.types.isCopy, ct.u.hexToPixi, ct.u.pixiToHex
  • 🐛 Add moveTo and teleportTo methods in ct.camera (#49 by @firecakes)
  • ✨ Add a list of gamedev resources
  • ⚡️ Add categories to ct.u methods list
  • ⚡️ Minor edits for JS intro, pt. 1
  • ⚡️ Refurbish the home page. Move most old content to “Basic concepts”. Add links to tutorials and the cheatsheet.
  • 🐛 remove duplicate instruction to draw scoreLabel.
  • Add a memo about ct.desktop.isNw and ct.desktop.isElectron
  • Fixed typos in the Space Shooter tutorial by @sarturodev


ct.js for Windows x64 342 MB
Version 1.6.0 Mar 28, 2021
ct.js for Windows x86 336 MB
Version 1.6.0 Mar 28, 2021
ct.js for Linux x64 352 MB
Version 1.6.0 Mar 28, 2021
ct.js for Linux x32 360 MB
Version 1.6.0 Mar 28, 2021
ct.js for OSX x64 338 MB
Version 1.6.0 Mar 28, 2021

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