v1.4.0 — Bitmap fonts, integrated debugger, ct.inherit, modules overhaul, and more!

✨ New Features

  • Bitmap fonts — see new docs on how to use them. These fonts solve issues with blurry pixel art fonts in games, and also provide higher performance for dynamic text!
  • ct.assert module for readable checks in ct.js projects
  • ct.camera now supports direct assignment for its scale, e.g. ct.camera.scale = 1.5;
  • ct.inherit module that allows you to call parents' code and keep things DRY
  • Custom font selector in the style editor
  • Lucas Dracula theme — A rough port of Arkham theme for VSCode by @lucasmsa
  • Modding: onbeforecreate injection
  • Modding: A code input type for monospace text input
  • Modding: Add point2D input type for modules' settings and injections
  • Modding: Add extensions for rooms with roomExtends field
  • Modding: Add extensions to tile layers with tileLayerExtends field
  • Modding: Both module settings and asset extensions now can use all the input fields that were previously exclusive to either modules' settings or type extensions
  • Module's settings are now parts of the Project Settings' tab
  • Quickly create a new type by right-clicking an asset in the textures panel
  • Unified module's docs in the side panel

⚡️ General Improvements

  • Allow ct.fittoscreen to toggle fullscreen mode while being in an electron app (in a desktop build) Closes #155
  • Allow games enter fullscreen while being in the debugger See #155
  • Better project selector background for night themes
  • Better layout of a type editor
  • Change ct.place.tile to check against collision groups (new!) instead of depth
  • Improve the Horizon theme
  • Make the structural behavior of TileLayer consistent. Fixes drawing issues with tiles and ct.place debug mode
  • Minor UI fixes for the project selector
  • More logical color hierarchy — you will see subtle changes in how certain panels are colored in dark and light themes, and all themes should now have uniform look and feel
  • Move depth input at the type editor into a scroll box, on par with module-provided fields
  • New icons for the top panel
  • Refurbish project's settings screen
  • Remove empty "help" field from ct.place > module.json
  • Replace node-static for dev and docs servers with serve-handler. Solves rare race conditions while loading docs or a game.
  • Show a loading icon while exporting project
  • The left button group at the topmost tab bar now occupies less space on wider screens
  • Update Russian UI translation
  • Update Spanish translation for ct.IDE. Update by Stuck Up Creations from the Discord server ✨
  • Update debug translation file and comments file
  • Use less restrictive YAML reader/writer to allow some minor save file errors

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Do not reuse tiles directly from room templates Closes #191
  • Fix blank autocompletion list at room-events-editor Closes #195
  • Fix ct.tween.add not working as expected for useUiDelta See #198
  • Fix the first tile layer not being added into a drawing stack at room-editor, which made tiles invisible unless a copy or background was added Closes #206
  • Fix wrong default setting for ct.fittoscreen module
  • Replace unzipper module and fix issues with module imports

🍱 Demos, dependencies and Stuff

  • Update Howler.js to v2.2.0

📝 Docs

  • Split "Making catmods" docs into several pages;
  • Document the usage of new asset extensions and input types;
  • Document the usage of BitmapFonts;
  • Update screenshots and directions for tutorials, to reflect UI changes in v1.4.

👾 Misc

  • 🔥 Remove export options: HTML and CSS are now always minified, and JS conversion never worked correctly
  • 🔥 Remove a button in the nav that toggles the fullscreen view
  • Minor fixes to the debugger files (#197 by @leedigital)


ct.js for Windows x64 255 MB
Version 1.4.0 Aug 09, 2020
ct.js for Windows x86 251 MB
Version 1.4.0 Aug 09, 2020
ct.js for Linux x64 261 MB
Version 1.4.0 Aug 09, 2020
ct.js for Linux x32 268 MB
Version 1.4.0 Aug 09, 2020
ct.js for OSX x64 296 MB
Version 1.4.0 Aug 09, 2020

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