A downloadable asset pack

This is a flat-styled multi-purpose asset pack, designed on 128x64 grid.


  • Animals! 6 cute pets in 4 directions + "dead" sprite + avatars for each;
  • Terrain: elevated version with 7 floors, ramps and shadows, and a flat one, with checker texture. Also, includes water tiles and a bridge;
  • Farming stuff: 6 crops, 6 garden beds with two growing stages;
  • UI: two cursors, 6 status bubbles, panels and a button template;
  • Hazardous elements: ice, spikes, radioactive waste, bombs, + warning signs;
  • Puzzle suit: doors, keys, crystals, a coin sprite, a flag, a hole in a ground, a box;
  • Garden stuff: a tree, a bush, a boulder, a fountain and a living hedge;
  • Fences: four directions with endings, cross-sections, T-sections and corners;
  • 5 clouds for your backgrounds;
  • x2 versions for retina screens;
  • Everything else I forgot to note.

Suitable for:

  • farming simulators;
  • puzzles, including sokoban-like ones;
  • arcade games;
  • any other genres you come up with!

License/usage condition:

  • The pack is free! Use it in personal, educational, commercial and other projects;
  • The link to my profile is good, but fully optional;
  • You can also add a donation and get a source project of this pack for Gravit Designer, which will allow you to design your own new sprites. This will also help me spend more time on other projects ❤️
    • Once you get this project, use it for any games you make, for commercial and other purposes.
    • Please don't redistribute or resell it, it's naughty.
    • The source project can be opened with Gravit Designer, a freemium app for desktop and browsers. The free plan has all the features required to edit the sprites and create new ones (90% of the pack was created with the free version of Gravit Designer).
  • Last, but not least,

Create great games with ct.js!

It's my work as well, and it is fabulous. Really.


Animals, Farm and Puzzle pack (free!) 4.1 MB
Source project for Gravit Designer 774 kB

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Hello Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych!

I used your asset pack in my game.....

Garden funny animals

Thank you very much for such a cute graphics :)

Hi! I am Kaizen from the Philippines, I just want you to know that I use these assets to create my thesis project on school and publish it to google play, very helpful and thank you.  Learning is fun.

Hello! Can I please use this assets pack for my new game? I will also credit you. Thanks!


I created my very first mobile game on Android called Double Jumpy Runner. I used some of the assets from here (they are the main characters in the game) and also listed you in the credits within the game. Thanks for the great work on these assets.

I'm glad you've found this asset pack useful, and congratz on your debut!

hi this is so pretty