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What a nice job - really fun to play with nicely stacking mechanics. Only the visual 45 degree steps in turning and the weird colliders feel a bit off. also the music is not looping, which is sad, because it’s quite good.


It's good, but the controls are kinda bad.

It’s cool ct.js is advertising your game. Hey about that, would you say ct.js is any good

I’m ct.js developer but ok ofc ct.js is cool

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Paul, neither contact form, and especially nor some game’s comments are for issue reports. If you need support, either join the Discord server or post an issue at Github.

Anyways, you’re trying to use an unexisting texture. Check your names for typos and that your potential variables used in textures are defined.


cool, not the game the website


Is that my font I spy? Always cool to see projects that use it. Neat little experience, I had a fun time just cruising around the environment. If I were to offer a little criticism though, it'd be that a little tweaking of the sound design could be in order, in comparison to everything else the wave sound is quite jarring.


OMG I forgot to credit font designers! Indeed it is your BitPotion. Thank you for this lovely font!

Regarding the sounds, I thought that the wave sounds were the most successful and life-like :|


No problem! Glad you enjoy it.

Oh certainly, I'm not saying the sound itself isn't great - just that the overall mixing of the sound design is a little off. The general volume could use some levelling to keep things a bit more consistent (the wave sound is much louder than the rest). Not a large issue by any means, just something I thought worth pointing out!