A downloadable asset pack

This set of voxel models includes:

  • 93 models in .OBJ format;
  • sources for Magica Voxel;
  • additional palette-texture for emissive effect;
  • tutorial for quick setup in Unreal Engine.

This set is licensed under Creative Commons 0 license, meaning that you can use these models in any commercial or non-commercial projects, without the need to credit the author (though I will be happy if you credit me :)

You can also edit and/or redistribute this pack if you need so. Btw, if you create something cool with this set, tell about it in comments! :3

Quick setup for UE4

1. Unpack the set somewhere and import textures.

2. Create a material called M_Palette:

3. Import .OBJ Files. Set Import Rotation to 90 — 0 — 0. I also recommend setting Import Uniform Scale to 4 so models' size will be somewhat comparable to real world scale. Next, set Import Material to true and Import Textures to false. Lastly, set Base Material Name to M_Palette.

4. A new material instance will appear. Rename it to MI_Palette_Emissive. You will probably need another material instance with zero intensity for powered-off tubes and wires.

5. Don't forget to disable Mip Maps for MagicaVoxel's palettes so it looks identically on different levels of graphic quality.  I also recommend setting interpolation method to Nearest.

Now you're all set! If you used an Import Uniform Scale equal to 4, then I recommend using these models with 50cm grid.

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AuthorCosmo Myzrail Gorynych
Tags3D, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Voxel
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
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works on unity?

It should