A downloadable asset pack

Compulsively-impulsively made for The Great Troika! Pocket Sphere Jam.

See it live on Figma, or download a local copy below.

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AuthorCosmo Myzrail Gorynych
Tagspocketmod, Project template, zine


PocketMod.fig 63 kB


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The Figma design looks fantastic!!

I'm running into an issue when I export from Figma as a PDF, it seems to be exporting 595x842 with an aspect ratio of 1.415.

I think for pocketmod templates when printed with no margin they should be an aspect ratio of 1.29 (US standard letter size) for example 612x792 like the Adobe / In-Design templates:


Nevermind! I see this is explicitly for A4 paper sizes which makes sense is 1.414 aspect rato.

Yup, you will have to trim it on sides to make it match the proportions, or use a Tabloid (and trim it on its ends, but the zine will be bigger this way).