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would be especially nice if there was a checkbox or something, to make it work in sRGB space, also, since the clamping for non-hdr displays is obviously not that great (and there's a lot of displays which CAN'T do that wide color space, so would be nice to not have to manually edit the colors afterwards)

but other than that, pretty awesome

the blues are always the hardest part to get right in sRGB, and with this, it's easy to make fun palettes, but I'll end up with like, basically all aqua and/or blue in the "danger zone" lol, having VERY similar colors with some neighbor colors/hues

If you copy regular hex colors, you get colors tuned for sRGB space.

So good. Thanks <3

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I love this :D thx!


This is very cool! I think it would be great if there was like, an example pixel art scene or something that you could apply the palette to on the fly. As someone who's not great with color, it's hard for me to imagine a palette in use when I'm just looking at the ball graphic.

Its much more feature rich than other color palette generators. Exquisite


1. Do you think it is pertinent to allow different Tint Power for Hightlight and Shadows ?

2. I think it would be easy to be also able to input directly some values for each slider in order to keep track of changes without to have to export the json files when one is just testing/tweaking parameters to try their effects on the palette.

Anyway, your tool helps me A LOT. I suck so much at color theory, it ease so much the process, now.

That's an awesome tool, thank you so much ! I use it to create the color palette for my next game :-D

If you don't mind I have a few suggestions to improve it even more :

- It would be nice to be able to pick precise values directly in the generator (instead of exporting, modifying the text and importing back to do so)

- An option to simply export the palette as an image (png ?) would be really handy to compare palettes quickly and that kind of things

Also I could use your help : I'm having a hard time creating a master palette that works fine with both things that have a vibrant color (like a banana or special effects) and duller things. Do you have any advice ?

Precise values: I’m not sure what you mean. You can pick values at any time by clicking a swatch in the middle panel and copying codes in the right column.

Export as an image: Ok, and for now you can take a screenshot :D

Master palette: increase the number of tones (left column, almost at the bottom).

Hello and thanks for your quick reply !
- I meant precise values for the settings such as base lightness, chroma, etc... not the generated colors  :-)

- Yep that's what I do,  I'm just a bit lazy and it's already a few screenshots per palette on smaller screens (I usually work on iPad) The quicker for me would be to have png files where each color is only 1 pixel, to import them in documents and compare them :-p

- Thank you so much ! I completely forgot about this one ^^'

Keep up the good work ! When my situation is more stable I'll be glad to support you with a donation :-D


  • Specify a hue range for analogous color schemes. See the Green Hell example.
  • Set a lightness curve to get more dark/light/low-contrast colors in your palette. Helps with color transitions in darker/lighter areas of your designs. See Aseprite++, Green Hell, Neon Throne, Fusions examples.
  • Controls are reordered/regrouped/renamed a bit.

I'd love to play with this but I keep getting an error:

Error! ReferenceError: LCH_to_Lab is not defined

No colors will show up when I click anything.

It works for me. Could you try it again? Or maybe try a different browser?


Hi vicvegas, the error you receive is due to a script being disabled or altered that is required for the applet/application to run in your web browser via this webpage.  If you would like more details, please feel free to share more information here & when I get to it I can help you out further, otherwise I hope this helps. -KC

This is really cool to tinker with!  By chance do you have any plans to implement a 'randomize' option for generation, for people who can't come up with an idea and want something to inspire them?

Possibly get an offline version ?? 

Option 1: Install plugin to your Browser that let you download web applications.
Option 2: Install itch app and use it like steam. It creates replicas of web apps and have sandbox option, for protection.

Also, for this, when using , run from index.html file for stability.

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I'm colorblind, and I love you.

Oh my :D Thank you for your support <3 If you have any suggestions, comments are a good place to post them!

wow this is an amazing tool, keep up the great work.