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I love the art style, music, and overall environment! This was a really cool idea. It's a sad story, but an enjoyable one ^^


Hedgehog have some very peculiar music taste. I like that


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UPDATED: Video is now working!
I thoroughly enjoyed this game and the emotional connection to the subject matter. It was beautifully implemented through the artistry and audio. Speaking with the various characters and the torment they’d experienced, as well as the development of the main protagonist is beautifully implemented. Brilliant!

Antony, the video is broken as heck x_x It scared the crap out of me when both the game and you had become glitchy.

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I’ve managed to record a new video for this. Unfortunately, the original wasn’t playing ball, so I started from scratch.

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Well, you did return to the game as said earlier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least the issue is now resolved. Good luck with your next recordings! 😄

I use OBS for recordings and it simplifies further editing as I can overlay stuff (e.g. a webcam) in realtime; it may be a good choice to switch to it if you haven’t done it yet 👀

This was a really cool experience! It was short but inspiring. The art style was super cool, I'd love to work with something like that in a game.

I found the camera to be a little clunky, particularly when I would bump into things like rocks it would flicker/stutter a little.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts!

Could you take some time to record and send me this camera issue??

Also, the majority of sprites and tiles are from this tileset; it is free and under CC Attribution license. Other sprites were drawn on office paper sheets with a gel ink pen (I also have a micro pigment/archival inker — similar results and less messy). The grid was printed on an inkjet printer and made with my Papers on Demand (default settings with less intense lines).


game got kinda boring