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is any version of chrome requrired because i waited 24mins and it never loaded

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Let’s say that you are not supposed to push boxes on slugs :D

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How do you play on a phone.

You can't, at least for now, but ct.js surely supports touch controls, including creating on-screen keys with ct.vkeys module.

I filed an issue so the demos will be updated in future.

Thanks! I'm super excited.

Is there some kind of tutorial video to explain how to use this? It looks really cool, but I'm not really sure what to do.

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There are no tutorials for platformers yet, but the source code of this demo is bundled with ct.js. It is in the `ctjs/examples` folder and is called as `catformer.ict`. Feel free to dig into its code and ask any questions here or at ct.js forum.

Great, I'll take a look at that!

This should have been posted earlier, but

ct.js now has a tutorial on how to create a fully-working platformer.

Now showcasing tilesets and collision handling with tiles. This functionality will come SOON with the next ct.js version.