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Create cool 2D games with a free game editor! · By Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych


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ct.js v0.5.3 — Maintenance update
This is a maintenance update for the release channel that mostly grabs a bunch of improvements from v1.0 and adds them to 0.5. ⚡ General Improvements Ctrl+S a...
5 files — 0.5.3
ct.js v1.0 Next — New Alpha Channel Comes with WebGL support!
The first ever alpha version of ct.js v1.0.0 is out! You can get it now on . It introduces the new WebGL-based renderer, that gives your projects a sign...
5 files — 1.0.0-next-1
v0.5.0 — Blazing-fast, game packer, code completions and more!
And here comes a shiny-new update to ct.js! This update aims towards making ct.js both feature-rich and highly efficient. optimizations The most import...
5 files — 0.5.0
Launching Patreon page!
This post is mainly copied from a similar announcement on Cosmic Everyday page. I'm launching my Patreon page ! 🎉 This enables you to support me as a devel...
v0.4.1 — Little Workflow Improvements & a New Tutorial
This small release includes the changes made while making that game for another Mini Jam, but it also adds a new tutorial on how to save your game state and loa...
5 files — 0.4.1
Launching Discord Server! 🎉
I decided to create a discord server for two of my apps: Cosmic Everyday and ct.js. Yaaay! Here you can get support, report bugs, find other creators, or just c...
v0.4.0 and a New Tutorial!
Hey there! Here comes another update to ct.js. It also contains a new tutorial on how to create a simple platformer! It is different from the Greed demo, though...
5 files — 0.4.0
v0.3.1 — hotfixing blocking bugs and bringing an experimental tile editor!
This is a quick update with fixes for backgrounds and JS minifier. It also adds an experimental tile editor, but mainly just because it happened to be merged in...
5 files — 0.3.1