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v1.7.0 — a smaller update with custom copies' properties, project cloning feature, and Russian i18n update
✨ New Features Add custom properties modal for copies (#275 by @firecakes) Added map() function to ct.u (#274 by @qewer33) Clone projects from the starting sc...
5 files — 1.7.0
v1.6.2 with fixes of v1.6.0 and Pixi.js update
⚡️ General Improvements Add JS map files for pixi.js Update pixi.js to v5.3.8 🐛 Bug Fixes :bento: Fix 2DPhysics example Fix teleport, spin, rotate, and r...
5 files — 1.6.2
v1.6.0 — Modules for FX, Multiplayer, and 2D physics, and sprinkles of minor improvements
✨ New Features Add ct.filters module by SN from our Discord server. The module allows creating special visual effects with filters or custom shaders, applied...
5 files — 1.6.0
v1.5.1 — 100% Chinese translation, nw.js update, and minor improvements
✨ New Features New tweening functions (elastic, bounce, and with backward motion) for ct.tween by kkornushin Two UI themes Pooxel Green and Pooxel Blue for th...
5 files — 1.5.1
v1.5.0 is out with a bunch of new APIs and modules!
Hello, Programmer Cats! A new version of ct.js releases, and it brings tons of goodies… Let’s highlight a few: got a bunch of tracing functions: yo...
Nightly builds are now available!
Ct.js now has a Nightly release channel that provides you new releases directly from our repo, daily . This allows you to get the latest features before they ar...
The future of ct.js
So, what's next? Ct.js has walked an eventful journey during this year or two. It got a much more performant graphics engine, more modules, more input methods...
Hotfix v1.4.1— Solve issues with older projects, custom scripts, and room editor
This release fixes issues with older projects (notably bundled examples), as well as polishes the room editor. 🐛 Bug Fixes Fix indefinite behavior after plac...
5 files — 1.4.1


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