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Nice in VR... 


The Linux build works just fine :)


How can we change inputs ?

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You can’t, that’s it. And the game is 3 years old already and I won’t update it Xd


Uncool, but understandable.

This game is one of my favorites on platform. It has an amazing gameplay with some gorgeous minimalist aesthetic and efficient controls.

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And two years after my first post, it's still one of my favorite games ++


I played this game for HOURS it is a lot of fun! beautifully made easy to get the hang of and a lot of fun colouring the world!

Hi! This game is amazing and beautiful :) ! I finished it and the end is epic :) (Don't want to spoil more) !

Continue like that your game has potential :D !


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Hey! Lovely game, were you interested in putting it on steam? I work for a publisher and we'd like to work with you if you're interested :) my email is if you are

I come across this the other and did a quick revisit. Is there a sequel coming out



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Wow, I had completely forgotten about this game until I found the download about 5 minutes ago. This game is fantastic and the puzzles are great, the graphics are very good and the audio is spot on.

I loved every minute of this game and IIRC I think I either bought or donated to the game but one thing is for sure. I am going to play it again.

Here's the link the full video did 1 year and 8 days ago.

Thanks for a great little puzzle based game guys and I wish you all the best for the future.


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Could you allow the video to be shown on so others would watch it from game's page?

Btw I hope I will release a Highlight game in two-three months, a game with more narrative-focused and parkour-styled gameplay. Then I'll be creating the world of Afterlight as it should be created :) Don't forget to follow me on to be notified when a new game releases ;)

Here is a little sneak-peek of what I'm doing:

OMG, I saw the thumbnail and thought that it was allowed. I will enable it now so give it a few minutes to become available.



Yup, it works. Thank you!

It's a pleasure and good luck. If would like me to do anymore video then just ask bud :)

Absolutely stunning game.. I loved the visuals, the music and the atmosphere! A very big well done to the creator! :) If you would like to see what this game is about or would just like to enjoy a let's play on this game; then please feel free to check out my video here: :)

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Afterlight looks very nice and well done but the pixel (well, polygon) hunting gets very annoying nearly immediately to me I'm afraid (which seems to be the main mechanic?).


I like to throw around the "this game is an experience/work of art" card on this channel. It's not that I'm loose in throwing it out left and right, but because I mean it when I say it.

That said, Afterlight is an experience.

It's a refreshing game. It still presents a bit of a puzzle challenge, but it doesn't challenge you the way most puzzlers do. It's like yoga compared to wind sprints: you end up mentally refreshed instead of mentally wasted.

The graphics are minimalistic to the point it's almost art. The controls are basic, nothing to write home about by any means, but it works for a game like this. What makes this game is the music though. The ethereal piano of hitting the orbs mixed with the relaxing background music perfectly sets the atmosphere.

An escape from reality. That's Afterlight in a nutshell.

Thank you for such a detailed review! :3