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And I've found three planets, not one of them had a "reasonable power source", it gets really frustrating, but other than that the game is pretty good, the art, the music the controls and the jokes are spot on. Good job.


You should add a map or radar or something to the game. I've been wandering around for over ten minutes now, not finding so much as an asteroid to shoot.

There is a visual sonar thingy that pulses every few seconds towards the nearest unexplored planet, going outwards from your ship.

Oh! So that's what that is! I thought it was another thrust wave or something. That's pretty creative, not using the typical navigation systems, but it really wasn't obvious. Thanks for the reply.

Going back to re-play it now. Hopefully, I'll get a lot farther this time.

Okay, so this is my new favorite game... Did I mention how great the artwork is? The storyline is also epic and the characters are awesome! Not to mention that everything about the game is entirely original. I just died defending the station, (man those ships have got no chills at all) but I still really enjoyed the game. 

Okay, the screen has been frozen like this now for a couple of minutes, every time I go back to restore the game it's still there, the music is still playing, but other than that, it's stuck, and I can't restart.

Never mind.  Man, that's a lot of comments 😂, but at least it means there's activity on your page!

That was rad!


Really liked your game !

Great Game a nice Space Exploration game


This game was very fun, great job! :D