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Awesome. I felt on edge the whole game. In a good way!


can you make such a shooter open source to learn engine? thanks!~

This game is almost 4 years old and doesn’t reflect the contemporary API. Learn from the built-in ct.js demos or ask questions in our Discord server!




A magic game that forces me to utilize attacks that I'm not accustomed to in order to survive and beat the game in a timely manner?

I love it!

This is a nice game. Being somewhat of  a shoot-em-up enthusiast, I found the firing mechanic pretty interesting, seeing as most games in the genre tend to give the player no negative feedback for constantly pressing the shoot button. The music is well done and fitting. Very good job with everything (:

This was really fun!

This is realy amazing I think you will be the first to the jam

It's a well-made boss battle scene. It's not just about the boss - you get many different kinds of enemies in waves. You also get different, nicely themed power-ups with your appearance changing accordingly, so it remains interesting even though it's a long battle and you may need to retry. Overall, the character designs look nice and the music is good too.

I'd like to invite your game to our Game Development World Championship! I think it could have a good chance, especially in the jam entries category.